SEO for an Online Store – How to Start?

The success and permanent profitability of an online store depends to a large extent on the capacity of the entrepreneur to achieve positioning their products or services. In a market where companies with a track record prevail, it is essential to develop powerful marketing strategies that allow businesses to gain an advantage over the competition.

Although there are different tools to increase traffic to your online store, SEO is a great strategy to increase visibility without using paid advertising. SEO means “search engine optimization” and consists of a set of techniques with which it offers a better response to the demands of search engines in order to improve the position of the online store in the search results. In simpler terms, the result of a good SEO is to obtain a high ranking when a person enters keywords in a search engine, and it is used for various types of content searches, including photos, videos, news and even academic articles.

Better positioning in any Google search engine means not only a significant increase in visitors, but also in sales. According to the Search Engine Journal, 75% of users never go beyond the first page in their searches. Even, according to the same source, between 70 and 80% of users ignore paid ads, preferring the results of organic search.

Tactics to develop a good SEO strategy in your online store

1) Choice of keywords

A fundamental aspect of SEO is to incorporate carefully researched keywords into your content. Basically, the Keyword Research is to understand, search and find the words with which people may be looking for the service or product in Google, for which it is very important to know in depth the target audience of your business.

It may be tempting to include as many keywords in a publication as possible, but the best SEO practices are to achieve a balance between other factors, such as originality, quality of writing, internal links, the structure of the site, social tests and more. This keyword study helps find the best strategy to follow to position the online store.

2) Check your website

Another important part of using SEO effectively is to carefully check your website in order to find errors or problems that could be preventing you from having a better Google ranking. Various software can help you identify problems, such as slow loading times and ease of use of the site on mobile devices, both in the structure of the URL and in the format of your content.

It should be noted that neither users nor search engines like a web page that takes time to load. Currently the competition is very varied and any opportunity you give a person to go to the competition, will take advantage of it. That is, for example if a person is looking to buy some product, visit several websites to find the product at the best price. If your website does not load, you are directly out of the game.

3) Internal link

Internal links are links that go from one page of your site to another. In this way, a signal is given to the crawlers of search engine web pages to navigate to the page to which you are linking, which gives classification power from that page to the next one. In other words, the use of internal linking tells search engines which pages to rank and also helps customers discover other pages within your website.

If you use the right software like you do not have to worry about internal linking because the software will optimize it for you.

4) Work the content

The content remains first since it is what differentiates an online store from the competition. Search engines will discard content of low quality, therefore it is better to ensure that this is good, useful, that generates interest and can be shared.

It is very important to avoid using duplicate content. Duplicate content refers to when two websites have the same content (and in severe cases, even exactly the same code). To make your site unique, it is advisable to use unique images of your product, add alt tags to your images and optimize the titles of these images.