Starting Your Own Trucking Company

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The trucking industry remains one of the most solid businesses in the nation. Figures show that trucks carry approximately seventy percent of all of the country’s freight. To put that in a financial picture, that equates to nearly $700 billion worth of goods being shipped by truck each year. And the demand is rising. If you look at any online board listings you’ll see that local loads for trucks are readily available. If you’ve been thinking about investing in the trucking business now might be a good time to explore your options. 

Why Now is the Best Time to Start a Trucking Business

Although the internet has been hard for brick and mortar stores, it’s actually helped the trucking industry. There is an increased need for trucks to deliver goods to distribution centers and online customers. The country has been seeing a shortage of truck drivers for several years now, but the need keeps increasing. There is no lack of available delivery jobs right now.  

Research Local Demand

If you’re just beginning to look into your business options you might want to start out by doing some research in your geographic area. Take a look at the nearby local loads for trucks to see what kinds of jobs are available. Start talking to other trucking companies and get a feel for their work load.

Start Small

One common way people start to get into the trucking business is to start as both an owner and an operator. You will definitely want to purchase your own truck. And you probably want to start off by doing a couple of deliveries on your own, so you can get a  first hand feel for the industry. You’ll need to have the appropriate type of driver’s license, but going on a few road trips yourself is a great first step to getting into the business.