Train Maintenance Teams To Manage Storage Containers

A lot of maintenance and repair efforts take place in warehouses and other industrial settings. One of these valuable steps includes keeping plastic storage tanks clean and in good repair. Many professionals set up maintenance schedules to guide their routines. Additionally, maintenance teams tend to be well-versed in OSHA requirements and the steps necessary to maintain compliance.

Cover Hazards and Risks

One of the first things to address when introducing new workers to storage tank maintenance is potential hazards. Proper pre-cleaning planning must include avoiding risks. For example, some cleaning practices may involve workers climbing into confined spaces. Other sources of danger may include toxic vapors, explosions, exposure to radiation and other contaminants, and the use of corrosive chemical cleaners.

Provide Safety Training and Supervision

 As a supervisor, it’s also important that you provide proper training and oversight for workers. Custom plastic tanks, for example, may require quite a bit of coordination as a worker maneuvers around turns and into crevices. Other safety considerations to include in training are the use of personal protective equipment, safety equipment, and safety procedures. Leaving a gas valve open before switching electrical equipment on could result in significant injuries.

Include Training About Containers, Contents, and Contamination

Make sure that workers understand the contaminant risk of different containers. For example, water storage tanks are vulnerable to damage by trespassers; those intruders could be rodents, birds, insects, or people. Unauthorized entry can introduce micro-organisms into the stored water and contaminate the entire container of water. Stagnation, sedimentation, and even damage done during cleaning can all affect the tank’s ability to safely store water. The more workers understand about tanks, their contents, and their vulnerabilities, the better able workers can avoid trouble.

No matter what type of storage tanks you have in your facilities, proper training of workers leads to proper are of the tanks. This, in turn, affects the proper care of tank contents. Improve storage security and personnel safety by properly training employees to clean and maintain storage tanks.