What P&g Can Learn From Network Marketing’s Biggest Mistake

What P&g Can Learn From Network Marketing’s Biggest Mistake – – A viral marketing virus acts much like a biological virus

– But, the important difference between a viral marketing virus along with a cold or winter flu is that people willingly pass the marketing message on

– The biological virus attaches itself to everything it comes in experience of, spreading from person to person either by touch, or air

Let?s start the of foreign trader in China, daliy effort is email,email and eamil.i am not exaggerating, I visited many factories and firms, what I saw ‘s all employees sit in front of your personal computer,keep cliking mouse,searching,copy, paste,on and on.their slogan is: Persisted will be the victory!actually, I am same goes with others, the differences is I am looking to take note of what I saw and let others determine what the globe like,although I am not great at english. Actually my Chinese is more preferable than english.

– Businesses with widespread operations face challenges in providing a universal platform for your exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst various scattered employee groups

– In a globally diverse environment, direct in-person sharing of data is impractical instead of cost effective

– The travel costs and lost productivity often blot your advantages of physically bringing people together

– Although much time and many resources are committed to disseminating the latest knowledge amongst employees, companies usually are not successful in matters of collaboration for effective distribution of information within the organization

Think about this: Would you ever buy something based on the information you received in the email from someone that you did not trust? Trust is a very important factor of building online relationships conducive to sales, and someone that is just out for a quick buck as well as a fast sale is probably not deserving of that trust. Strive to be a trustworthy marketer with personality and heart, as an alternative to being outright another spammer that attempts to market worthless purports to as numerous people as is possible.

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