How to Find the Best Domain for Your Business

How to Find the Best Domain for Your Business

Whether you’re looking for a domain for a brand new business or one you currently own, today it’s a challenge finding a good available domain name. If your brand happens to contain good keywords to describe your business, you have a starting point for a more valuable domain and one that will have an easier time achieve good keyword rankings. But with the void of available .coms and the narrow field of .net and .orgs, a partial match domain that pairs keywords with a unique brand name is somewhat easier to discover.

Finding Business Name Ideas

When you perform a search for your keywords, you will be presented with a variety of domains consisting of both unregistered domains and those for sale. Your price range will be one determining factor in your choice. But, when it comes to picking a brand, the true test is whether the domain name will appeal to others.

Narrowing Down Your List

You can eliminate the least desirable first narrowing down to a price range you can afford. Next, see how big of a selection you have left if you remove urls with hyphens, misspellings and numerals. Hopefully, at this point, you’re left with a few viable options. If not, it’s time to test out other brand names. When it comes to unregistered domains, the trademark information is important. You don’t want to buy a domain that seems to have great potential, build a website and then have the website seized. Not only are brand names protected by trademark; phrases describing products are often trademarked. A seemingly innocent domain name could turn into a disaster if you don’t do your homework. What’s left on your list after all the filtering will still need to past the human test for likeability.

You may want to run a few potential domain names by different types of people. Domainers may look at the domain primarily for its potential value. That’s great feedback but you really want to know how they appeal to a broader audience. Do your contacts find the names catchy? They’ll probably tell you why they prefer one over the other or point something out that you may not have thought of. Social networks are good sources for obtaining feedback from a lot of people at one time. Rather than emailing back and forth, you get all of your responses in one place. If you get an overwhelming response to one particular domain name, chances are it’s a good candidate for your business.