Power Inverters: Why They Are An Aussie Camping Classic

Power Inverters

Aussies love hitting the wide open road, and why not? From Cape Byron to Shark Bay our massive land is replete with gorgeous scenery the likes of which can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. It’s for this very reason that the campervan is ubiquitous to Australian highways – there is just so much to see!

But just because we Aussies love getting out to an isolated beach, desert or forest, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want a few creature comforts to come along for the journey. Some of these creature comforts truly benefit from the use of power inverters. They are the nifty camping gadgets that convert DC to AC electricity, allowing you to plug in pretty much whatever you want when out on the road.

There are numerous reasons why having a 2000 watt Enerdrive inverter on your next trip is essential, and we’re going to take a look at them here:

They make camping more comfortable

Naturally, the point of going bush with the family is to spend some quality time within gorgeous natural surroundings. However, there comes a time on every camping trip when the kids get antsy, or when you want to quickly reheat last night’s barbie dinner, not to mention receiving a work email that requires urgent reply (what a pain!).

Thankfully, this awesome technology exists to ensure all your gadgets are running at full capacity the moment you need them. You can connect your inverter the moment the kids feel like watching their favourite show or when you want to sit inside the campervan by the fan on a stinking hot summer’s day.

It’s for this reason that you will rarely find a campervan without an Enerdrive power source, but they provide some other powerful advantages, too:

They provide an emergency power supply

You may be accustomed to taking out a generator with you on your long-haul camping trips. This is always a great idea, especially as electricity can be hard to come across in some of the country’s more remote areas. However, if your generator happens to fail then you mind find yourself without any form of AC power at the most critical of times!

This is why it’s always essential to have a power inverter available as a reliable backup to any primary power source. You may find yourself using your electricity primary source one day only for it to falter, in which case you can connect this legendary power source to ensure you are electrified wherever you happen to be!

They can charge USB devices, too!

The most advanced designs have the ability to charge nearly anything you need on the road. This includes USB devices like mobile phones that you might otherwise have a hard time charging without a power bank. Their high-versatility and reliability make them one of the best power sources when on the open road, especially when you consider they can keep your essentials charged in the unlikely event of an emergency!

They can be used on the boat, too

If your camping trips often include a little fun on the river, you can trust that these advanced power sources will have your boat connected, too. In fact, they can be used wherever DC power is available for AC inversion, including the home, 4WD and your sedan.

Such is the versatility and importance of these awesome Aussie power sources – is it time you connected one to your campervan?