How Can Proper Home Insulation Benefit your Cooling System

How Can Proper Home Insulation Benefit your Cooling System

When it comes to air conditioning know-how, most people know how to turn a system on and remain cool but there are so many more factors to consider when it comes to air conditioning especially when it comes to cooling the home. One factor that strongly affects the air conditioning system is insulation. The insulation of the home can impact an air conditioning system greatly. The insulation of the home is installed to help keep the home temperatures at the proper setting.  Without insulation, the home would not be able to retain cooling and heat during the extreme seasons. Lack of insulation means a number of things – your treated and cooled air will leak out, hot air will leak in from outside, dust will come in and affect your AC filters. The AC will be forced to work more to compensate for the leak, making you spend more on energy.

When insulation is properly installed in the home, the cooling system will have the ability to see improved performance as well as reach the desired temperature of the home quickly. Proper insulation will also help to reduce the energy loss in the home. Home owners can even take a few steps to improve the insulation in the home which will in turn improve the cooling ability of the AC system. Check all your windows and doors. If you stand against a window, you should not feel any major air flow. Move you hand slowly across the edge of the window and see if you feel a breeze. The difference in in air pressure and temperature will force air in or out if there is a leak. Similarly, you can also check your door. When you are looking at insulation, the most important part of the house you must check is the attic. If there is leak and improper insulation, consider using radiant barriers. 

Enhanced Cooling Performance

When an attic space has proper insulation, the air conditioning system of the home will be able to perform at optimum performance. Insulation works differently depending on the season. During the winter months, the insulation of the home works to keep the heat in the home. When the summer season arrives, insulation works to keep the heat at bay. Insulation can also prevent the cool air from moving into the attic space that is unused. With insulation, the unit will have to work less to cool your space, which means less energy used and less money spent on your monthly utility bills!

Energy Efficiency Improvement

To be energy efficient is very important. Using less energy is great for the environment but it is also great for the pocketbook. With proper insulation, you will see better energy efficiency with your air conditioning unit which will mean lower utility bills. With the installation of additional insulation in the home, you can be sure that you will use less energy and see a nice decrease in your power bills. Taking this step into consideration can help you not only in the summer months but also during the winter!

Radiant Barrier

Another option is radiant barriers. This option is installed near the roof rafters. The barrier works to redirect more than half of the sun’s heat which can help your attic remain cooler than normal. This means your air conditioning system will not register the heat of your attic and will work for less time to keep the home cool. This option is available with many different HVAC providers and can easily be installed to make great differences in your home, especially when it comes to the hot summer months. Speak with your local air conditioning provider to find out if they can help you with your insulation and cooling needs of the home.