Shaker Style Kitchens: What Are They & What Are Their Benefits?

Shaker Style Kitchens

Shaker style kitchens were created by the 18th Century religious group of the same name who believed that every home element requires a functional simplicity. This is the fundamental ethos of this design style and its results are always beautifully simplistic in nature.

What’s more, there is a great emphasis placed on using high quality materials to achieve a durable and sturdy finish. Their designs are always classic, with clean spaces, smooth lines and an incredibly minimalistic approach to design. No outrageous pomp or flare here – just a classically-stylish design that optimises the space’s beauty and practicality!

But don’t get us wrong: just because the design is classic it doesn’t mean it can’t be modern, too. You can choose to add a modern twist on this legendary style through whatever aspects you like (cabinetry, appliances etc.) whilst maintaining that clean, smooth and uncluttered simplicity.

The best custom kitchens Western Sydney has typically contain the wonderful Shaker style, especially because they come with the following benefits:

Timeless style

The Shaker style design is highly versatile and even provides opportunities for future renovations should your lifestyle requirements change. Furthermore, its timeless, uncluttered style ensures that you will always have a fun and functional space to cook your favourite meals with ease!

So, if you are looking for a classic, clean and smooth design that provides plenty of storage and preparation space then the Shaker style is perfect for your home. It will provide the perfect balance between beauty and advanced practicality, something you will immediately notice upon seeing and cooking in the renovated space.

Low maintenance

The Shaker style is a true “less is more” approach to kitchen design. This means that all cabinetry, countertops and other surfaces are highly symmetrical, meaning you won’t have to reach any difficult nooks or crannies just to clean some muck from a spot.

But, if you like, you can also choose to have bold, rounded corners installed to further ensure a smooth, easy-to-clean finish. These rounded corners also ensure the safety of any kids or family pets whilst looking sleek and stylish.

You can enlist the pros to do it

Kitchen renovations can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. Think about it: first you have to knock out that old cabinetry, remove countertops, appliances and the list goes on!

And that’s just the beginning. Then the real arduous task of installing all the new cabinetry, countertops, electricity, plumbing etc. begins. It’s simply not for everyone and that’s why the experts exist to ensure it is done safely and beautifully.

There are also experts that specialise in the Shaker design style. They will happily come to your home, analyse the floorplan, and provide you with a quote before going to work on designing and creating your dream new Shaker style kitchen!

It’s much easier than trying it yourself for the first (and likely only) time…

You can add your own personal touches

Many Shaker style purists may disagree, but you can actually add your own personal touch to these designs to truly make the space your own. Because, after all, it’s your home, and you should be able to add your own individual touches wherever you see fit.

One of the best ways to do this is through subtle accents like cupboard and drawer knobs/handles etc. but consult with your renovations expert and they will give you a great idea of how you can personalise the design!